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 Energy Transition Energy transition, accelerated by COVID-19 At the time of publication of this year’s World Energy Markets Observatory, the energy sector is at a proverbial crossroads. On one hand, there is an understandable impatience to return to the so-called “new normal” of a post-COVID world. On the other, we see a push from industry leaders, the scientific community and some governments to use this crisis as an opportunity to reset and refocus the world’s climate agenda. In this year’s WEMO report, we urge stakeholders to use sustainability as an anchor in COVID-19 recovery efforts. Several findings from our research support the feasibility and value of this point of view, including: falling costs for renewable energy sources, particularly solar PV and wind, making them the cheapest sources of new-build generation; increased capacity from present and future renewable investments; the potential for the green energy sector to become a global growth engine, both as a GDP stimulator and job creator As in past issues, the 22nd edition of WEMO examines these opportunities against the backdrop of an increasingly bleak environmental forecast, the likes of which will disproportionately affect the world’s most vulnerable populations. This is why the authors of our report are so gravely concerned by the possibility that the world may let yet another opportunity for change pass us by, opting instead to focus on more immediate concerns related to health, education and restarting the economy. In this year’s WEMO, we explore how energy transition is inextricably intertwined in these issues and COVID-19 recovery efforts themselves. In these pages, we urge every country, every industry, every organization, every person to make a bold climate change agenda part of their new normal.      A closer look: How Li-ion batteries and grid modernization can accelerate energy players’ energy transition agenda Alexandra Bonanni, Ozlem Bozyurt and Philippe Vié Read the article Our perspective: How can the French nuclear industry remain at the cutting edge of excellence? David Steiger, Colette Lewiner Read the article Creating a better normal: Key climate change and energy transition takeaways James Forrest Read the editorial Featured Infographic Energy Transition Highlights View Now     9 

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