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     The impact of COVID-19 How the pandemic prompted a dramatic reduction in GHG emissions COVID-19 led to the largest reduction of GHG emissions since World War II with emissions forecast to fall 8 percent in 2020. However, this decrease is conjectural and nonstructural, meaning that emissions will likely rise as the world recovers from the pandemic and daily life resumes. Still, this event demonstrates the scale at which the world must act in order to address the climate change crisis. CO2 emission and energy demand (2020/2019) G20 World USA China India Japan SouthKorea France Germany Italy Spain UK 0% -2% -4% -6% -8% -10% -12% -14% -16% -18% -20% Source: Enerdata, August 2020 A closer look : How the energy sector is helping private and public organizations to achieve climate change and sustainability objectives Alain Chardon and Ozlem Bozyurt Read the article Primary energy supply CO2 emissions from fuel combustion                                    8 WEMO 22nd edition Key climate change and energy transition takeaways Philippe ViƩ Read the editorial   

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