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      Introduction In pursuit of carbon neutrality  Examining the energy sector’s opportunity, motivation and capacity for change Over the past ten months, many industries have come to see COVID- 19 as an unlikely impetus for change. For the energy sector, this means leveraging recovery packages and stimulus bills to advance the common goal of energy transition. But change requires more than opportunity alone. To truly transform, our sector must also consider our motivation, the driving force behind action, and capability, the capacity to act in a way that drives progress. The World Energy Markets Observatory (WEMO), Capgemini’s annual thought leadership and Philippe Vié Vice president and sector head for Energy, Utilities and Chemicals, Capgemini research report that tracks the development and transformation of energy markets around the world, examines the sector’s energy transition through these three lenses: the opportunity to evolve, as presented by COVID-19; our motivation to change, as driven by the urgent need for climate mitigation; and our capacity for transformation, as realized through technology, new business models and cross-industry collaboration. In the following pages, we invite readers to review the key findings of the latest WEMO as well as perspectives from industry experts in markets around the world. We hope you find this year’s WEMO interesting, insightful and, most of all, inspiring as we call on all energy players to make carbon neutrality our new reality. Colette Lewiner Senior energy advisor to Capgemini Chairman Our planet remains far from reaching our global climate objectives. Extension of the 2019 trajectory would lead to a global temperature increase of 3.1-3.7°C by 2050– well above the 1.5- 2°C threshold experts recommend.” Colette Lewiner Senior Energy Advisor to Capgemini Chairman  Global Editorial WEMO A global perspective Colette Lewiner Read the editorial      World Energy Markets Observatory Full Report Read More  4 WEMO 22nd edition Infographic Global Insights  View Now     

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