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 At a Glance Five Key Findings from the 22nd edition of WEMO 1 Energy demand has slowed in 2019, though energy emissions continued to grow 4 Climate change continues to be a major global concern, though green recovery packages can help accelerate the climate change agenda.   .     2 The use of renewables continues to increase as generation and storage technologies mature 60% 50% 40% 30% 20% 10% 0% France Germany UK EU US 2019 2020 China India Japan .  Share of renewables in electricity generation            5 Utilities’ transformation roadmaps must be reorganized around  energy transition. Energy Transformation, Carbon Neutrality Priority#1   3 Oil & Gas majors are diversifying their business, though many need to invest more outside the core .    Review key findings from your region Infographic Infographic Infographic Infographic Europe North America India and China Australia 3 

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