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  Conclusion Capgemini’s ten-year countdown to net zero has begun Capgemini believes fully in the climate change and sustainability recommendations outlined in this year’s World Energy Markets Observatory. Capgemini recently announced our ambitious plan to achieve carbon neutrality no later than 2025 and become a net zero business by 2030. A true leader in this area, our plan builds on strong progress in delivering our previous headline target of a 30% reduction in carbon emissions per employee, in January 2020, a decade ahead of schedule. As part of this program we: ƒ Decreased travel emissions by 22% per employee (2019 vs 2015) ƒ Reduced energy consumption by 20% (2019 vs 2015) ƒ Nearly doubled our use of renewable energy in 2019 alone In our quest to become a net zero company, we will continue to build on these existing programs and expand our agenda to include: ƒ Switching to 100% renewable electricity; ƒ Transitioning our company fleet to electric vehicles; ƒ Increasing investment in sustainable travel initiatives; ƒ Expanding our virtual collaboration initiatives to further reduce global travel; ƒ Investing in high-quality carbon offset projects like re-forestation that remove carbon from the atmosphere for any remaining emissions. Our program will also seek to reduce the impact of our value chain, working closely with suppliers to reduce and offset emissions in the products and services we use. Through this initiative, our company plans to be net zero by 2030. After presenting the dire need for action through this year’s WEMO report, we ask: Will you join us? “The current global situation with the COVID-19 pandemic has amplified the importance of the need to live in balance with our planet. Capgemini has had a decade long focus on reducing environmental impacts and whilst much has been achieved to date, we are now announcing our increased ambition. I have put acting on climate change at the heart of our Group priorities with a focal point of our ambitious target of net zero by 2030.” Aiman Ezzat Capgemini’s Chief Executive Officer Watch Now      13     

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