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     Recommendations Making carbon neutrality a reality COVID-19 has, in some ways, proven that wide-scale, rapid change within the energy sector is possible. At the same time, our research indicates that these methods are neither sustainable nor particularly effective. Experts suggest that in order to meet long-term climate change goals, the world would need to institute lockdown measures similar to those adopted this past spring every year for the next decade. Thankfully, the world need not take such drastic and disruptive measures. This year’s WEMO identifies six key recommendations for energy organizations to help the world achieve long-term climate change objectives outlined in the Paris Accord: Master GHG emissions through comprehensive, meaningful carbon pricing 02 Incentivize the construction of carbon free generation plants    01       Incentivize the electrification of uses, particularly as it relates to transportation and mobility 03 04 05 Develop and scale green hydrogen capabilities    Accelerate grid modernization through at-scale deployment of the smart grid, demand flexibility applications and new grid tariff calculations       06 Ensure stimulus plans prioritize advancement of the green agenda   A closer look : View the detailed recommendations Read the article  12 WEMO 22nd edition 

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