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  Transformation Rethinking the transformation agenda in response to COVID-19  Featured Infographic Transformation Insights View Now  In last year’s World Energy Markets Observatory, we explored how the shift to a services-based operating model would anchor the transformation agenda for many energy players. Today, as the world grapples with the effect of COVID-19, we see that this strategy is no longer viable due to strict social distancing measures and low profitability. In this new environment, every energy organization must maintain their focus on the top priority of energy transition, albeit through a revised growth strategy. The latest edition of WEMO identifies several new operating models and strategies for organizations to manage the increased volatility, diminished predictability and high financial pressure introduced by the pandemic.       Transformation: Recasting the transformation agenda to enable growth and advance energy transition efforts in the “new normal” Philippe Vié Read the article North America Transforming the energy sector at speed and scale Randall Cozzens Read the editorial A brief history of the GB energy B2C retail market – ‘the disruption of incumbents’ Marissa Papas Read the article   11 

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