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      Energy Transition Spotlight on grid modernization: SuedLink One prominent example of grid modernization can be found in Germany with the SuedLink project. The largest energy transition project in the world, SuedLink will establish three underground, long-distance, high-voltage direct current (HVDC) power transmission lines to transport renewable energy produced in the northern parts of the country to the south. The program, which has a target completion date of 2025, will be instrumental in helping Germany reach its goal of having at least 80 percent of its power supply from renewable sources by 2050.     Powering sustainability Why energy and utilities companies need to view sustainability as an opportunity Capgemini Research Institute Read the article Fit for Net-Zero 55 Tech Quests to accelerate Europe’s recovery and pave the way to climate neutrality Read the article   10 WEMO 22nd edition 

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